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At CrossFit CW, we have taken the philosophy of CrossFit of constantly varied high intensity training to provide the individual’s needs and fitness goals through either one-on-one or our group sessions. Along with the understanding of the needs of different individuals, this philosophy of CrossFit has been infused into the classes that we offer at CrossFit CW.

CrossFit can be practiced by the elderly to gain the strength they once had when they were younger or by the most elite athlete in the field. Our coaches will set your customized workout to suit your level of fitness. Our goal is to make you stronger, more powerful and more capable than yesterday. The CrossFit program is designed for universal scalability, making it the absolute application for any committed individual.

CrossFit is essential to your health. Our passionate coaches are all certified and well-equipped with the knowledge, and strength required for CrossFit. A safe and structured program intended for improving movement, increasing and delivering real fitness that help better your life. Every workout is led by a coach and tailored to your skill and ability.

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Phone: (022) 613459

Contact: Heaven Mann

Locations: 28 Brekke Rise,
Rosalindaston, Waikato,

“This crowd of people, these trainers will truly change you life..”

Julie Pennily

CrossFit Gym Member


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